Campaign Partner and Community Leader Training Portal

For You, For Your Family, For All of Us!

This Training Portal provides the “what, when, why and how” of COVID so you can use it to execute effective and impactful COVID-19 prevention outreach and engagement in underserved communities in Allegheny County.

As a community leader, your involvement in the United Against COVID campaign is critical, because more than anyone else, you know the lived experiences and the day-to-day realities of the communities you represent. The information shared in this portal will strengthen the capacity of community leaders in Allegheny County to support the campaign and conduct effective community mobilization and engagement.

Have an Immediate Impact on the Health of Your Community

  • COVID-19 is here, but it doesn’t have to be here to stay.
  • This Training Portal provides the best tips and practices on staying safe at home, at work and when you’re out. It also addresses equal access to high-quality medical resources.
  • Use your personal/social network to get the word out, so we can work together to reduce the harm we experience from the pandemic as individuals, as a family, and as a community

Capacity Building (Beyond COVID) for Yourself, Your Organization, Your Community

  • As a community leader, the power of change is in your hands.
  • Working together as a community has always been our source of strength during times of struggle.
  • Have the necessary dialogue with folks at the neighborhood level—not just about COVID-19, but also about the many other health and social disparities that are impacting our communities.
  • Only by having each other’s back at the community level will we all be able to live our best (possible) lives.

Learn Valuable Personal & Professional Skills

  • “Amplify Your Leadership Voice!!” – Get the knowledge you need to protect yourself and others.
  • Upon completion of the Training Series, you will be officially certified for helping save lives in your community by “Spreading Truth, Not COVID” and by knowing and sharing the science.
  • The communications and outreach skills you gain in the training become a part of your knowledge base and are things you can put on your résumé and be proud about.

Earn Community Credits After Completing Each Training Level

  • Incentives for taking the training seriously and completing each level include earning “Community Credits.” These credits can be exchanged for free promotional items, giveaways and event signage.
  • We will also add your community to a special list for consideration to receive new or expanded County services related to COVID-19.
  • You will also be acknowledged and recognized by the County as a community leader who went “above and beyond” to represent their community in the fight against COVID-19.

Please Register Now for the Training and answer a few additional questions on the best ways to communicate with you and keep you engaged.

Rise Up and Change the Future of Your Community. Take Control, Take a Leadership Role!